Jabir Ibn Hayyan was born in C. 721 in Tus, Khorasan. He died C. 815 Kufah Iraq; he was a Polymath, Philosopher, and alchemist.

From childhood, he was a very talkative lad and asked various questions to his father about herbs that how they can be made because his father was a Hakeem and he gave him the satisfactory answers after that while he was at the age 7th his dad passed away.

Then he joined tuition where he read math and recite the Holy Quran as well and his teacher was Jafar Ibn Muhammad. However, he belongs to the 8th century and did many works as well as discoveries; his works include distillation, filtration, evaporation and other processes. Besides these in 8th century most of the people in the Kufan Iraq job was to make gold unlike the man himself who preferred knowledge to anything.

He was the father of Alchemy or “Babahi Chemey”. Once a king`s wife was in serious condition and all people considered that she will die, but a Hakeem treated her with the herbs and within a half hour she became fit and fine and that was none of other Jaber Ibn Hayyan. He was the man who translated the Arabic language into English and he himself has written many books such as “The discover of Secreat”. The work of Geber etc. Still his some of the works are hidden and unknown to us apart from those he himself published.

In the 8th Century, the world was not developed and he had not read Chemistry, but still known as the father of it. Though at that time the Muslim scientists were more than others were, today our quality is unseen by others because we have killed our talent and existence in this universe. This stand as one of the most demeaning facts of Muslim history.


Turbat, April 3.