It is clear that Imran Khan has a firm belief and sincere intentions for the well-being of his compatriots. However, he along with his Musharraf-era cabinet have failed miserably to deliver to masses at the center or at PLI-led or backed provinces so far.

Pakistani public, added PTI-core voters and those who in hope, voted for change have been disappointed so far from the government. They have experienced high inflation with slow growth rate, the constant rise in dollar price while the contrary constant devaluation of the rupee with increased gas bills have raised some serious questions for PM Imran Khan government; those, however, need to be fixed in time, yet seems far from reality.

To run government affairs effectively, good intentions are not enough to deal with. For this, along with good intentions, an efficient team with capacity is required. Unfortunately, from the choice of CM Punjab, incompletion of BRT project in Peshawar or approaching IMF lately are some from many acts to suggest that PM Imran Khan has been unsuccessful in finalizing his best eleven so far. What the incumbent government needs is stability, it is clear that a state of confusion persists however khan needs to get the momentum going.


Larkana, April 3.