LAHORE (PR) - Haier Pakistan has just opened a first of its kind experience store in the provincial capital of Lahore bringing home to Pakistani consumers a glimpse of things to come in the IoT (Internet of Things) era. A unique store in every sense of the word, the new Haier Smart Home puts on display a whole range of futuristic, highly advanced products that are connected to each other for super convenient Smart Living in the internet era.

The new store can best be described as a single-stop solution for the smart household. This is no surprise considering the fact that Haier has ruled the world of home appliances all through the past decade as the world’s #1 brand for 10 consecutive years. As a result and, at the very least, a Haier appliance today graces one out of every ten homes round the globe – based on the brand’s phenomenal year upon year  growth in terms of sales volumes.

Haier’s success is rooted in its ability to lead the world in revolutionizing all aspects of the home appliance business from innovation to engineering, from planning and design to manufacturing, and from marketing to sales and distribution. In today’s digitalized world, where the internet rules almost every aspect of our lives, Haier has again taken the lead to harness the power and potential of IoT (Internet of Things) to bring home a world of inter-connected smart appliances based on the brand’s revolutionary “U+ Smart Living” operating system – the world’s first and largest integrated total home solution.

With launch of the one-stop Haier Smart Home, Haier which already leads the Pakistan market across many major categories of home appliances is poised to take an even bigger share making it by far the #1 choice of consumers across Pakistan.