ISLAMABAD-The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) owned medicines have been recovered from a private clinic in a raid conducted by the office of Federal Inspector of Drugs (FID) on Wednesday.

Official sources informed The Nation that patients visiting PIMS regularly complained about non-availability and substandard quality of medicines at hospital and the hospital staff is involved in smuggling of hospital’s medicines to private clinics in the city.

They also said that office of the FID working under the district administration following a complaint filed on Prime Minister Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) conducted the raid on a private clinic. Resultantly, the staff recovered the medicines of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences from the clinic.

The officials also said that the private clinic owned by a doctor was providing health services in the field of hair transplant, cosmetic surgery, skincare treatment and laser treatment.

According to the officials, the PIMS staff is involved in smuggling of the hospital medicines to the private hospitals while the senior management has turned a blind eye towards the illegal activity.

They also said that the FID team also faced resistance by the staff of the private clinic and it was not allowed to inspect the entire stock present there. They said that the quantity mentioned by Federal Inspector of Drugs office was small, however, it pointed the loophole on the part of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences administration as the hospital medicines were government property.

The notification issued by Federal Inspector of Drugs office and available with The Nation said “In response to a complaint on PMDU portal, M/s Vagus Cosmetics operating in House No. 27, Kaghan Road, F-8, Islamabad was raided today by this office.

In consequences thereof, injection, Skyzone (Ceftriaxone Sodium 1gm), Batch No. 16D092 and Injection Hydro 100mg (Hydrocortisone), Batch No.236, owned by PIMS (government property) were recovered along with other drugs. Another locked room, however, could not be inspected because of the resistance created by the staff of the clinic.

In view of the above referred, it is requested that the matter regarding availability of such drugs at a private clinic may kindly be inquired into and the findings be shared with the office for further proceeding in the matter as per law.

Federal Inspector of Drugs inspector Sardar Shabbir Ahmed talking to The Nation said that few injections were recovered in the raid which would cost around Rs1000 and the matter has been brought in the notice of PIMS administration.

He also said that investigations are underway in this regard.

Executive Director PIMS Dr Amjad Mehmood told The Nation that very small quantity of medicines were reportedly seized in the raid conducted by the Federal Inspector of Drugs officials and it was likely because the hospital staff work in private hospitals and clinics after official duty.

He added that hospital administration will take strict action against the elements involved in the illegal activity, however, it is very difficult to monitor every ward and individual’s act.

He said that the incident seems an individual act. Meanwhile, commenting on the quality and availability of medicines, President Young Doctors Association (YDA) Dr Fazal said that the supply of medicines in ICU is being restored, however, patients availing healthcare from Bait-ul-Maal fund are not being treated because of non-availability of funds.

He also said that the local drugs manufacturers won the tenders of providing medicines to government hospitals as they give lower bid. He said that the lower cost medicines purchased by the government hospitals impacts the quality of medicines.