ISLAMABAD-With still about two weeks left in the advent of Holy month of Ramazan, the profiteers get active to gain maximum profits and rates on daily use items were noticing upward trend in the markets of twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Owing to the rising demand of edible items ahead of Ramazan the price hike ghost has come out in the shape of profiteers and the hoarders and prices of essential commodities were witnessing considerable increase.

While talking to APP Muhammad Nasir a government servant was of the view that although Ramazan is the month of blessings but for profiteers it is the month of profit and they are enjoying free hand to fleece the consumers in the holy month without any fear.

Despite of being honest and helpful at least in the holy month the retailers exploit the needs of public in Ramadan, he added.

He urged the authorities concerned to take strict action against profiteers and hoarders and ensure the availability of commodities at reasonable rates so the people belonging to middle and lower middle class can also enjoy the blessing of holy month of Ramzan.

Shakeela Bibi a house wife who was buying chicken said that overcharging is rampant on all the commodities including the regularly demanded items like Baisan, oil, drinks, beans, chicken, dates fruits and vegetables but administration is not taking any action against profiteers.

She told that the prices of chicken has soar by 190 per kg while the chicken meat is available at the price of Rs Rs 300 which is not affordable for common man who wants to give good healthy food to his children.

She was of the view that during Ramazan every one even the lower middle class person tries to give healthy and nutritious food to their children but they afford such prices and had to compromise on their needs and quality.

Another house wife Shazia said that shopkeepers had increased the prices of all daily-use items on their own before the start of Ramadan and burdening more the already troubled common man but concerned authorities had failed to check and stop profiteering.

She said that the price lists issued by the local administration seems a showpiece in the shops as no one is following the rates list and busy in gaining as much profit as they can from common people.

The said that price lists could only be useful if prices were checked by the administration regularly and stern action is taken against the profiteers.

A daily laborer Muhammad Skaheel said that every rich or poor want to use dates for iftar to follow Sunat e Rasool but the price of the cheapest quality of dates soared up by Rs 200 Rs to Rs 350 per kg while the good quality date are more expensive and gets out of reach for common man.

He told basen is regularly used in Ramadan for making pakoras for Iftar and its price nowadays is around Rs 140 to 170 per kilo, potatoes Rs 40 to 50, onion Rs 70 to 80 while yogurt is being sold at Rs 110 to 120 which is not affordable for me.

He said all the fruits available in market have witnessed an increase. Apples are being sold between 200 to 350 kg, strawberry Rs 170 to 250 kg, bananas Rs 120 to 300 dozen, watermelon Rs 60 per kg, melons Rs 100 to 130 per kg and guava Rs 120 per kg and we only can dream to use buy these luxuries for our children even in the holy month of Ramzan .

He added that retailers and vendors had increased prices and fleecing the customers without any fear of being penalized or caught by the authorities concerned.