ISLAMABAD  -    Lawmakers from treasury and opposition in Wednesday’s National Assembly session spent most of the time in levelling allegations against each other’s governments.

The senior lawmakers from PTI and PPP-P made an attempt to paint a rosy picture of their governments’ tenure. The apparently unending verbal brawl and attempts to grab the floor forced the chair to abruptly adjourn the proceedings of the house.

Former finance minister Asad Umar, responding to criticism raised by PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari the other day, claimed that the incumbent government is providing maximum relief to masses as compared to the PPP-P government.

Umar said the people of the country had faced economic crisis during the PPP government as the pace of GDP growth was much slow. “Average GDP growth remained at 2.8 percent,” he said, adding that average inflation rate was 12.3 percent. The budget deficit was around seven percent in the PPP government and this government had failed to achieve its targets. He said the Zardari-led government had frequently changed its finance ministers in its rule, which reflected its incompetence.

He said that four finance ministers were changed in the PPP government between 2008 to 2013. He said the present government has taken difficult decisions with a good intention to put the country on the path of sustainable growth trajectory.

“The State institutions are tightening noose around the people, which is causing disturbance to many,” he said, mentioning that it was the reason that the opposition has intensified protest against the government.

The former finance minister said that the incumbent government had to take some tough decisions which created difficulties for the poor and the middle classes. “The people will bear difficulties only if they are convinced that the government is making decisions with good intentions,” he claimed.

“When your Swiss accounts are in danger, when your Surrey palace, your towers in Dubai, your Park Lane flats are in danger [you are bound to worry],” he said.

PPP MNA Khursheed Shah, in response to the speech of Asad Umar, said that there was a need to impose Article-6 on Prime Minister Imran Khan for his recent statement in Iran that the country’s soil had been used in the past by terrorists to carry out attacks in Iran.

The former opposition leader strongly criticized the prime minister for his failed attempts to make a telephone call to Indian prime minister. He also criticized Khan about his recent statement for terming Modi favourable for Kashmir issue.

He also claimed that the PPP government had handled the natural calamities of floods, earthquakes and other challenges including repatriation of refugees in a good manner.

He blamed the incumbent government for increasing prices of drugs and other necessary items. He said this government has been taking loans against its commitments.

The lawmakers from both sides were seemingly interested to prolong the proceedings to criticize each other government’s era. In an attempt to settle scores with PPP, a lawmaker from PTI Ali Zaidi took the floor.

The members from main opposition party PML-N strongly resisted on it and asked the chair to give them an opportunity to participate in the debate. They also staged walkout from the proceedings in protest and a PPP-P MNA pointed out lack of quorum in the house. The chair, sensing the tense situation, adjourned the proceedings till today.