Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that we stand united under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan for welfare and development of country. 

Talking to a delegation of disabled persons led by Zikar Hussain and Aqifa Saeed which called on him here on Thursday, Chaudhry Sarwar said that despite strong criticism, the process of accountability will continue and supremacy of law and constitution will be made sure on priority.

He said that the PTI will fulfill all the promises made with people of Pakistan before elections and PM Imran Khan's recent China visit will be beneficial for country. PTI led government has brought Pakistan out of economic crises also economy is now getting pace for growth, he added.

The Governor Punjab further said that we are determined to eliminate the differences between rich and poor and it is for the first time in history that any government has completely stopped political interference in institutions. Pakistan is becoming stronger every passing day under the leadership of Imran Khan, he added.

He said that the PTI government initiatives "Ehsas" and "Health Card" are meant to provide the poor in country all the basic rights and necessities. He further added that the provision of health and education facilities in country is top priority of govt. Pakistan is facing economic crises because of the incompetency and bad governance of previous governments, he added.

Ch. Sarwar said that we will be soon out of all the crises, including economic meltdown. Economic situation of the country including inflation, unemployment was worst at the time PTI formed its government, he stated.

The Governor Punjab said, “We took practical steps to resolve these issues instead of political gimmicks. We are contented that our friendly nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China and UAE are supporting and helping out Pakistan to end crises.”