Lahore - The Patron’s Trophy Grade-II tournament, Round Three, third day’s play was held today at six venues across the country on Wednesday.

Civil Aviation Authority defeated Haideri Traders by 110 runs on the third day of a Pool ‘A’ match at the UBL Sports Complex in Karachi. Haideri Traders resumed their second innings at overnight score of 42 for one and were bowled out for 239 in 71 overs. For Civil Aviation Authority, Usman Usmani took five for 82 and Mirza Ahsan took three wickets in the second innings and total 11 wickets in the match.

In another Pool ‘A’ match, Pakistan Navy beat Omer Associates by 10 wickets at the National Bank Stadium in Karachi. Omer Associates resumed their second innings at 92 for four and were dismissed for 190 in 61.3 overs. For Pakistan Navy, Fawad Khan was the pick of the bowlers with figures of five for 37, finishing with 10 wickets in the match. In their run-chase, Omer Associates achieved victory without any loss in 32.3 overs.

A century by Khurram Manzoor on the third day helped Port Qasim beat Ghani Glass by three wickets at the Iqbal Stadium in Faisalabad in a Pool ‘B match. In pursuit of a 284-run target, Port Qasim achieved victory for the loss of seven wickets in 65 overs. Khurram Manzoor scored a 178-ball 110 with 15 fours, while Atif Ali Zaidi hit seven fours in his 60. Earlier, Ghani Glass resumed their innings at overnight score of 68 for one in 11 overs and were dismissed for 151 in 23.4 overs. For Port Qasim, Muddasir Riaz was the pick of the bowlers with figures of five for 42.

Khurram Manzoor and Hassan Khan hit 100s for Port Qasim and K-Electric, respectively

In a Pool ‘C’ match between Pakistan International Airlines and Pakistan Army at the Army Cricket Ground in Rawalpindi ended in a draw due to overnight rain.

Meanwhile Pakistan Railways and K-Electric match in Pool ‘D’ ended in a draw at the Railway Stadium in Lahore. K-Electric resumed their innings at overnight score of 130 for four and finished at 380 for seven in 100 overs. Hassan Khan scored a century off 132 balls with 14 fours while Bahadur Ali scored a 90-ball 87 with nine fours and three sixes. Muhammad Afzal was the other notable run-getter with 85. For Pakistan Railways, Abdul Rauf took four for 66.

CAA’s Mirza Ahsan claimed 11 wickets in match

Sabir’s Poultry defeated Karachi Port Trust by seven wickets in a Pool ‘D’ match at the LCCA Ground in Lahore. Sabir’s Poultry resumed their innings at an overnight score of 182 for two and chased down the target of 236 for the loss of three wickets in 61.1 overs.  Hashim Ibrahim top-scored with 90 that came off 142 balls and included eight fours and two sixes.

Scores in brief:



Omer Associates: 194 all out, 69 overs (Fahadis Bukhari 68, {165b, 9x4}; Arsalan Bashir 44, {87b, 6x4, 1x6}; Yasir Mushtaq 20, {45b, 4x4}; Fawad Khan 5-68, Raza Ul Hasan 3-45) and 190 all out, 61,3 overs (Usman Khan 44, {77b, 8x4}; Arsalan Bashir 40, {62b, 7x4}; Syed Zainullah 27, {30b, 3x4}; Bilawal Iqbal 25, {48b, 1x4, 2xx6}; Fawad Khan 5-37, Nasir Owais 4-64)

Pakistan Navy: 270-9, 83 overs (Wasim Ahmed 65 not out, {131b, 5x4}; Hamza Ghanchi 50, {112b, 5x4, 1x6}; Nasir Owais 50, {48b, 4x4, 3x6}; Latif Jonejo 31, {67b, 4x4, 1x6}; Hafiz Asad 27, {50b, 3x4}; Muhammad Irfan 4-102, Ulfat Shah 3-29) and 118 for no loss, 32.3 overs (Hafiz Asad 65n not out, {95b, 4x4}; Jahangir Jawaid 52 not out, 100b, 6x4})

Result: Pakistan Navy won by 10 wickets


Civil Aviation Authority: 226 all out, 52.3 overs (Asher Qureshi 70, {86b, 13x4}; Ishfaq Ahmed 29, {40b, 5x4}; Shahid Nawaz 25, {18b, 4x6}; Jallat Khan 6-62, Muhammad Ibrahim 3-47)  and 280 or 9 dec, 78 overs (Akbar Badshah 111 not out, {166b, 14x4}; Muhamamd Asim 31, {44b, 6x4}; Ishfaq Ahmed 27, {42b, 2x4}; Jallat Khan 4-110, Syed Mustafa Naqvi 3-39)

Haideri Traders: 157 all out, 51.1 overs (Muhammad Usman 35, {68b, 5x4}; Momin Waqar 24, {25b, 4x4}; Jallat Khan 22, {60b, 2x4}; Mirza Ahsan 8-75, Abhar Qureshi 2-19) and 239 all out, 71 overs (Muhamamd Ibrahim 53, {86b, 9x4, 1x6}; Momin Waqar 42 {63b, 9x4}; Muhammad Usman 40, {96b, 6x4, 1x6}; Hassan Ilyas 30, {83b, 5x4}; Syed Antum Naqvi 22, {26b, 3x4}; Usman Usmani 5-82, Mirza Ahsan 3-42, Asher Qureshi 2-60)

Result: Civil Aviation Authority won by 110 runs



Ghani Glass: 299 for 9, 83 overs (Zeeshan Ashraf 94, {151b, 13x4}; Tayyab Tahir 91, {81b, 8x4, 4x6}; Shahbaz Javed 60, {123b, 6x4}; Yousaf Babar 51, {84b, 3x4}; Haris Nazar 31 not out, {26b, 4x4}; Tanveer Ahmed 4-57, Azam Hussain 4-113) and 151 all out, 23.4 overs (Zeeshan Ashraf 51, {41b, 2x4, 1x6}; Tayyab Tahir 43, {25b, 4x4, 1x6}; Haris Nazar 36, {40b, 1x4}; Muddasir Riaz 5-42, Tanveer Ahmed 3-41)

Port Qasim: 267 all out, 81.3 overs (Atif Ali Zaidi 77, {130b, 8x4}; Daniyal Ehsan 57, {122b, 9x4}; Muddasir Riaz 46, 86b, 8x4, Jahanzaib Naved 39, {59b, 7x4}; Ali Usman 5-84, Muhammad Waheed 3-80) and 284-7, 65 overs (Khurram Manzoor 110, {178b, 15x4}; Atif Ali Zaidi 60, {110b, 7x4}; Muddasir Riaz 41, {33b, 3x4}; Jahanzaib Naved 39, {29b, 7x4}; Muhammad Sami 22 not out, {32b, 3x4}; Adnan Ghaus 2-40, Muhammad Waheed 2-47, Ali Usman 2-90)

Result: Port Qasim won by 3 wickets


Pakistan Army: 200 all out, 63.4 overs (Shoaib Khan 82, {108b, 9x4, 1x6}; Haseeb-ur-Rehman 43, {114b, 4x4}; Hamza Arshad 28, {42b, 3x4, 1x6}; Tahir Khan 5-62) and 147-5, 36 overs (Muhammad Fahad 47 not out, {75b, 9x4}; Hamza Khan 37, {36b, 7x4}; Muhammad Naveed 24, {35b, 5x4}; Shoaib Khan 20 not out, {35b, 2x4}; Tahir Khan 4-56)

Pakistan International Airlines: 356 all out, 77.2 overs (Shoaib Khan 81, {96b, 11x4}; Anop Ravi 62, {121b, 3x4}; Fahad Iqbal 51, {36b, 4x4, 1x6}; Shehzar Muhammad 34, {41b, 6x4}; Hanif Azad 31, {54b, 4x4}; Maeez Viqar 29, {65b, 3x4}; Musab Shehzad 4-80, Hamza Khan 2-53, Umair Khan 2-65)

Result: Match Drawn



K. Electric: 295 all out, 58.1 overs (Nasir Nawaz 95, {86b, 11x4, 5x6}; Umair Bin Yousaf 68, {103b, 10x4, 1x6}; Jahanzaib Sultan 47, {52b, 9x4}; Hamza Nazar 5-88, Muhammad Rameez 3-66, Abdul Rauf 2-53) and 380-7, 100 overs (Hassan Khan 100, {132b, 14x4}; Bahadur Ali 87, {90b, 9x4, 3x6}; Muhammad Afzal 85, {128b 13x4, 1x6}; Umair Bin Yousaf 23, {41b, 2x4, 1x6}; Abdul Rauf 4-66, Ahsan Bhatti 3-42)

Pakistan Railways: 309-9, 83 overs (Ahsan Bhatti 78, {124b, 8x4, 4x6}; Muhammad Waqas 61, {130b, 7x4}; Ameer Hamza 43 not out, 46b 2x4, 2x6}; Hasan Sardar 39, {49b, 3x4, 1x6}; Zain Ul Hasnain 29, {47b, 7x4}; Mohsin Pervaiz 20, {29b, 3x4}; Asad Raza 4-75, Sajid Khan 3-52)

Result: Match Drawn


Karachi Port Trust: 150 all out, 37.2 overs (Shah Ali Zafar 91, {102b, 17x4}; Ghulam Rehman 5-49, Asif Fawad 2-14, Nisar Ahmed 2-61) and 169 all out, 48 overs (Anas Mehmood 46, {65b, 9x4}; Babar Rehman 21, {35b, 3x4}; Ahmed Iqbal 20, {47b, 3x4}; Nisar Ahmed 4-72, Manzoor Khan 2-23, Ghulam Rehman 2-45)

Sabir’s Poultry: 84 all out, 27.3 overs (Imran Nazir 32, {26b, 7x4}; Babar Rehman 4-20, Husbaan Javed 4-28, Khalid Mehmood 2-36) and 236-6, 61.1 overs (Hashim Ibrahim 90, {142b, 8x4, 2x6}; Ali Zaryab 62 not out, {111b, 5x4};  Imran Dogar 58, {86b, 7x4, 1x6}; Ali Zaryab 38 not out, {76b, 2x4} Khalid Mahmood 2-18)

Result: Sabir’s Poultry won by 7 wickets