ISLAMABAD-Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has offered career-making post-graduate diploma programs including SupplyChain Management, Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management.

Director Admissions said on Friday that the interested people couldenroll themselves in these programs through online for semester Spring2020 by June 5.

Duration of each program is one-year, comprising two semesters. These programs areconducted mainly through distance learning system and online mode ofteaching.

Such programs are part of the University’s regular learning practices toenhance capacity-building of the students, enabling them to earn theirlivelihood and to take part in the country’s socio-economic development.

The proposed programs could lead to professional development of theaspiring students to achieve excels in the relevant fields.

These mayalso help them to organize and manage business venture in a competitiveglobal marketplace that is constantly evolving.

The post-graduate diploma in entrepreneurship will help to provide its basic understanding, concepts and practices. It will also enable studentsto develop the insight needed to discover and create entrepreneurialopportunities.

The post-graduate diploma in supply chain management has been developedto meet the needs of those professionals who want to establish andenhance insight into theoretical as well as practical knowledge of supplystrategies, forecasting, transportation and inventory management.

The diploma in human resource management is meant to providemanagerial skill in selection, training, assessment, and rewarding ofemployees, besides overseeing organizational leadership and culture andensuring compliance with employment and labour laws.