Corona testing kits


Turbat is a big city in Balochistan but there are no testing kits available to check the people for the coronavirus. the minister wants to bring the patients of Quetta to Turbat for checkup but the plan is impossible without the kits. It is important to address the issue before many people contract the virus.




Stay home and stay safe


The novel COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of countless people across the globe—this virus knows no bounds. At present, Pakistanis are suffering the harmful consequences of this pandemic, which has unleashed an environment of anxiety and uncertainty across the developing nation. However, this deadly virus has been discriminating between genders, further shackling Pakistani women in chains of fear and insecurity, exacerbating the deeply entrenched discrimination. In Pakistan, a country where patriarchy prevails and women are already confined to their homes, the lockdown has been detrimental for their health, independence and well-being. The lockdown has forced them to live with their abusers. Social distancing and quarantine measures have disabled women from fleeing to their safe havens when their abuser resorts to violence–markets, houses of their parents, relatives and friends are no longer options to seek refuge.

While for many the lockdown may be the ‘new normal’ to which they have to adjust, let’s not forget that for many Pakistani women, the feeling of such an isolation has marked their reality for decades—socially, economically, and politically, women have adapted and redefined the patriarchal lockdown. Now, in the midst of such unprecedented times when we are all sharing the unfortunate reality of women, we can all truly pause to understand their emotions of suffocation, helplessness and pain. The Government of Pakistan must work with the Ministry of Human Rights to effectively implement a gender integrated approach. Each Pakistani can play a role in easing the pain of these victims and freeing these women not only from the patriarchal constructs of society, but also from the discriminatory effects of COVID-19. Stay home, but make sure women stay safe.




Physical and mental immunity


There is no doubt in the fact that we are living in tough times, the time we were never prepared for but as of now we must act vigilantly and protect ourselves through whatever means we can. Where coronavirus has caused drastic mortality rates and millions are still hospitalised fighting for their lives, it has also affected people mentally. Fear of getting Coronavirus, staying quarantined, unemployment stress etc. all such factors have exacerbated the real problem of coronavirus.

The real issue is how to shield ourselves mentally and physically in best possible manner. Social, electronic, print media is bombarded with precautionary measures i.e. stay home, wash hands, social distancing etc. but there is very little information on dietary guidelines and mental stability. According to WHO we must prefer fresh vegetables and fruits now a days especially the ones rich in vitamins specifically vitamin C e.g. lemon, oranges, spinach etc. also keep your body hydrated consume as much liquids as you can, water is the best choice, avoid sugary and cold drinks. Our National departments e.g. Punjab Food Authority is spreading quite useful information in this regard; what we should eat and drink and what we must avoid. As far as the mental health is concern; despair is sin, we must never lose hope also our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said no disease is sent down without a cure. There will be a cure soon but till then immune yourself physically by improving your dietary habits and mental immunity by not losing hope.