In an impressive fire power display, Pakistan Navy Fleet units demonstrated their combat readiness through live weapon firing of anti-ship missiles in North Arabian Sea. Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi graced the occasion as Chief Guest and witnessed the event along-with Commander Pakistan Fleet Vice Admiral Asif Khaliq and other senior naval officers.


The weapons firing included anti ship missiles fired from Destroyers, Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft. The missiles successfully hit their intended target. The successful firings have re–affirmed PN’s war fighting capability and combat potential. The Chief Guest expressed his entire satisfaction on the operational readiness of Pakistan Navy and its preparedness to defend the national maritime interests. He also commended the officers and men for their commitment and professionalism.


On the occasion, the Chief of the Naval Staff reassured the nation that Pakistan Navy was ever ready to thwart any aggression against Pakistan’s maritime frontiers and shall continue to play its part in making defense of the country impregnable. Pakistan Navy stands fully prepared to tackle threats across entire spectrum of warfare. Show of lethal fire power by Surface and Aviation units of PN Fleet was a manifestation of this readiness and resolve.4

Pakistan Navy Carries Out Live Weapon Firing With Series of Potent Ship Killers

On Friday, both countries Pakistan and India asked their military to remain on alert regarding the situation along their shared border.

Pakistan Navy test fired a variety of anti-ship missiles in the North Arabian Sea on Saturday from surface vessels, and from fixed wing and rotary wing platforms. The navy, in a statement, said that Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi witnessed the missiles being fired.

This "successful demonstration of a missile firing is testament to the Pakistan Navy's operational capability and military readiness", the spokesperson said while emphasising that Navy Chief Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi said on the occasion that Pakistan Navy is fully capable of responding to enemy hostilities.

The video from the Pakistan Navy shows that a series of missiles were launched from a warship, multi-role helicopter and an aircraft which hit the target (a destroyer of British origin) on sea. 

Earlier on Friday, Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had asked the forces to ensure their "operational preparedness.

The Indian navy had also issued a separate statement on 18 April and stated that its naval assets continue to be mission-deployed in three dimensions, with all the networks and space assets functioning optimally.

"Our assets continue to remain on patrol covering a vast oceanic swath from the Straits of Malacca in the East to Bab-el-Mandeb in the West, including undertaking Op Sankalp to provide reassurance and protection to our merchant vessels and Anti-piracy patrols in Gulf of Aden," the Indian Navy said.

Despite the threat of COVID-19, the military forces of the two nuclear armed nations continue to target each other at the border and review their military preparedness at regular intervals.

(Additional input from Sputnik News)