KARACHI - MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has appealed the Chief Justice of Pakistan to probe the 1992 military operation against the MQM in which more than 15,000 workers were died. While delivering a telephonic address from London to MQM workers and leaders in Karachi, Altaf requested the CJP to look into the matter and establish inquiry commission on this issue. He said that in this difficult time he does not want to create problems for the country by making hard demands. Alongside the MQMs federal and provincial legislators and the city government officials, the family members of the slain activists of the MQM also listened to Altafs live address at Jinnah Ground near MQMs headquarters. On a big screen, Altaf cried by recalling the deceased workers who were killed in that military operation. Altaf asked Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry to summon former top brass to record their statements. He proposed that a judicial inquiry may be conducted to uncover the facts about brutal killings of 15,000 MQM workers and the implicating the MQM with Jinnahpur conspiracy. We didnt react in the larger interest of Pakistan because we love Pakistan. I pardon the murderers of my brother and nephew, an emotional Altaf announced. He also lashed out at former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for not playing his role to stop military operation against the MQM. Please come forward and tell the nation why you didnt play due role to stop that operation. You were prime minister of the time, he said. MQM Chief said the disclosures made by former corps commander and former director of intelligence bureau about Jinnahpur conspiracy, has vindicated the MQMs position. Muttahida Qaumi Movement celebrated the disclosures that were aired in a current affairs programme of a private TV channel on Sunday night. According to the MQM, former Corps Commander Gen (r) Naseer Akhtar and former IB chief known as Brigadier Imtiaz Ahmed cleared MQM of the charges of separation (Jinnahpur). MQM was accused of pursuing a separatist agenda to establish Jinnahpur state in 1990s when an army operation was launched against the MQM on June 19, 1992. He recalled that the political and religious parties questioned the loyalty of the MQM with Pakistan and started looking at the MQM with suspicion after the Jinnahpur conspiracy charges. He thanked the two former top military officials but also asked why they remained silent for a long time and why they didnt disclose the facts earlier. MQMs several workers are languishing in jails. 28 workers are still missing. MQM was defamed in all over Pakistan and resultantly MQM was not allowed to spread its message to other areas of the country, he said. Altaf said that he couldnt forgive the murderers of MQMs workers and it would be their heirs and families members who would decide what to do against those killings. He said that these disclosures might justify the reaction from the MQM but MQM believes in the stability of Pakistan and need politics of reconciliation. He said that the intelligence agencies should burn their MQM related files after the disclosures of said two former military generals. MQM should be allowed to work freely in all over Pakistan including Punjab. We have planned to hold a convention in Punjab after Ramazan, he said. He said that the MQM was against feudal system and it wants to attain genuine rights of the disadvantaged people. MQN chief ruled out the MQMs involvement in the May 12 (2007) bloodshed saying that this was the conspiracy to defame the MQM. He said that invisible forces were behind the May 12 mayhem. We are not against the country but we are against the corrupt political culture of the country and we are struggling to eliminate the yoke of old-fashioned feudal system from the country, he stressed. He demanded of President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to stop operation in Balochistan and immediately call a round table conference on Balochistan issue. He advised them to take the decision on Balochistan taking needs of the area into consideration. In a query, he alleged that Brigadier (r) Asif Haroon had hatched the conspiracy of Jinnahpur against MQM and he published fake map and documents of Jinnahpur in media. Jubilant MQMs members distributed sweets and came out on streets to express their pleasure after the disclosures that charges of separation against the MQM were false.