ISTANBUL (APP) - A meeting of the business community held here Monday to attract entrepreneurs from Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) member countries for investment in coal, wind and hydro power projects in Pakistan. The Foreign Economic Relations Board, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey hosted the meeting. The meeting explored the avenues of public private partnership for the realization of various projects on fast-track basis with a special attention to the energy and infrastructure sectors. Taking into consideration the vast opportunities offered by Pakistan, the discussion at the Business Communitys Meeting dwelled upon the energy and infrastructure development sector. Turkish entrepreneurs, mostly with business contacts in Pakistan, made presentations on their accumulated experiences in recent energy projects. Turkish businessmen also focused on cooperation opportunities and capacity building of the SMEs. Briefing mediamen after the first session of the meeting, Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said that Pakistan is trying to engage private sector of Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) countries to have more and more investment and trade activities. He said, We presented Malakand Project in the meeting and informed the member countries that complete rehabilitation of about two million internally displaced persons who are returning to their home, will take five years. He said socio-economic development is sustainable in Pakistan, adding We have made a comprehensive project which has drawn a considerable support from the FoDP member countries. Responding to a question, the spokesman said the present meeting was not aimed at getting donations but to attract investment in short, medium and long term projects for reconstruction of infrastructure in Malakand area. About investment opportunities, he said hundreds of multiple companies of the US, China, UK, Turkey and several other countries are working in Pakistan and earning huge profits. He said not a single company has left Pakistan owing to security reasons as the overall security situation has been greatly improved in the country. Abdul Basit said security issues are confined to small pockets in north of the country and the government is using all its resources to create a conducive atmosphere in the troubled areas. The spokesman said business community at a meeting held on the sidelines of the FoDP ministerial meeting, has shown great enthusiasm and showed interest in energy sector especially the coal and wind based hydro projects. Pakistans Ambassador to Turkey Tariq Azizuddin and Turkish Ambassador in Islamabad were also present during the briefing. The Senior Officials Meeting of FoDP appreciated Pakistans comprehensive strategy for overcoming challenges of security and development by building on its inherent strengths and capacities. The meeting, co-chaired by Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Ms Hina Rabbani Khar and Under Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Ambassador Feridun Sinirlioglu, also acknowledged Pakistan for achieving equitable and sustainable socio-economic development, enhancing institutional capacity, adressing the energy deficit as well as promoting trade and seeking enhanced market access. The meeting agreed that public-private partnerships would be strengthened within the FoDP framework as means for promoting mutually beneficial project cooperation and realising win-win scenarios. It underscored the continued importance and relevance of FoDP as a vehicle for promoting the international communitys support and solidarity with Pakistan. The meeting stressed that the broadbased process must be Pakistan-led and Pakistan-driven and should address Pakistans needs and priorities and committed to translate political support into tangible programmes and projects. It was decided to place greater focus on people to people contact and the meeting took note of the work done by the working groups on institutional capacity building, energy, development, security and trade and finance. The meeting stressing the need to further streamline and improve the FoDP process, agreed to meaningfully take the process. Pakistans friends were invited to contribute substantively to the process, in addition to expanding and strengthening their cooperation bilaterally, particularly in the areas of energy and social sector programmes. The meeting lauded Pakistans success in law enforcement operations in Swat and Malakand, effectively addressing the needs of over 2 million displaced persons and appreciated the ongoing relief and rehabilitation operations. Expressing solidarity and support for Pakistans efforts for reconstruction and rehabilitation, the Senior officials called for fast-tracked implementation of the Malakand Pilot Project. The preparations for the FoDP Summit in New York to be held in September were also reviewed. The Summit to be co-chaired by President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President Asif Ali Zardari will mark the first anniversary of the launch of the initiative in September 2008 in the New York. Minister of State for Finance and Economic Affairs, Ms Hina Rabbani Khar underlined the importance of increased foreign investment and market access aimed at supporting the governments strategy for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Malakand Division. Addressing the meeting of Senior Officials of FoDP held here, she stressed that importance of the FoDP as a Pakistan led process which acknowledged Pakistans unparalleled sacrifices in the struggle against violence and extremism and aimed at supporting Pakistans national efforts for consolidating democracy, promoting good governance and achieving socio-economic development. Representatives from Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Korea. Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States participated. Representatives from the United Nations, the European Union, European Commission, the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank also attended the meeting. The Minister of State elaborated success scored in the law enforcement operation in Malakand and sought support for the governments strategy for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the affected areas. She apprised the meeting of several initiatives the democratic government of Pakistan had taken to put the economy back on track. In this regard, she also underlined the importance of increased foreign investment and market access. Undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Ambassador Feridun Sinirlioglu, co-chair, highlighted Pakistans economic and strategic potential and underlined the importance of FoDP as a long term Pakistan-driven process which must also deliver on Pakistans short term needs. Underscoring the importance of the private sector, he called for paying greater attention to public private partnerships within the FoDP framework, and pointed out that it was the first time a meeting of business was being arranged on the sidelines of the platform. The friends of Pakistan expressed full support to Pakistan in its efforts to comprehensively address the development and security challenges. It was agreed to further intensify and deepen interaction and identify specific transformational sectors and projects for prioritization by FoDP. Friends of Democratic Pakistan appreciated the comprehensive Malakand Development Strategy presented by Pakistan and conveyed their full support. They also agreed to further promote public-private interaction within the FoDP framework. The Senior Officials Co-Chairs Report will be submitted to the Ministerial meeting of FoDP to be held today (Tuesday) here. The Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and Turkey will co-chair the Ministerial meetings.