IT looks as if a new judicial crisis is in the offing thanks to the rivalry between Governor Punjab Salman Taseer and Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, who have locked horns over the appointment of the Lahore High Court judges. Both are at fault. Though there is no denying the observation by Mian Shahbaz that the judges of the High Court should be men of integrity having an impeccable record, and that this criterion should be strictly followed, his view that the Governor is bound to follow the advice of the CM regarding appointment of the judges is questionable under the Constitution and would only muddy the waters. Mian Shahbaz had better take a cue from the statement of former Attorney General Malik Qayyum who has maintained that only the Governor was the lawful authority about the appointment of High Court judges and that there was no role of the office of the CM in this respect as this issue came under the parameters of the federal government. But this is not all that is there to the dispute. It appears as if Mr Taseer wants to double-cross the system. There are reports that he is interested in appointing some of the PCO judges. This would not only be a violation of the Constitution but also of the Charter of Democracy, signed by Mian Nawaz Sharif and Ms Benazir Bhutto and endorsed by parties from across the political divide. The Governor and the CM should rise above personal prejudices and work together to strengthen the judicial system.