ISLAMABAD - National Finance Commissions (NFC) maiden meeting scheduled for August 27-28 is most likely to turn into a stormy session as the four federating units are poles apart on evolving a new formula under the Constitution for division of resources. According to sources, the government has summoned the first meeting of the NFC without proper spadework and without taking the four provincial governments on board vis-a-vis the formula under which the resources would be distributed for the next five years. The sources told TheNation that Sindh would be insisting basing the NFC Award on revenue generation from a particular province. Punjab would stick to the traditional population-based formula. Balochistan is looking for area-wise consideration in the NFC Award. At the same time, the NWFP not only wants its long overdue share from the net hydel profit on electricity generated in the province but also looks up to consideration of the war on terror effect into the NFC formula. Other provinces, for instance, Balochistan; believe that the distribution of the net hydel profit does not fall under the purview of the NFC. Dr Gulfraz who is non-official member of the NFC from Balochistan said that the NFC was constituted to award a formula for division of the divisible pool of resources amongst the centre and the provinces under Article 160 of the Constitution, while the profit on electricity is dealt with under Article 161. Meanwhile, Senator Haji Adeel another non-official member of the NFC from NWFP pointed out that previously the then NFC had sent the issue of the provinces share of hydel profit to an appointed tribunal.