I would like to request the Pakistan Peoples Party to immediately set into motion a campaign to change the people's perception about the image of their leadership. This party's survival is of immense importance to sustenance and growth of democracy in Pakistan. Reports circulating in the press talk of a minus one formula quoting the Information Minister. There was never a minus one formula at least during the life of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. It could not have existed because the PPP owes its existence to him. Even after his death, it is his name that resuscitates the party and keeps it alive. Benazir Bhutto the political heiress of Bhutto had a complete control of the party. She knew that the PPP would survive as long as the party is seen to be carrying on Mr. Bhutto's mission and manifesto. The problems that PPP faces today are very real. It is lack of commitment by those given key assignments. Its leaders need to understand that times have changed. After the emergence of information technology, the internet and scores of private TV channels, it is no longer possible for any public figure to get away with any wrongdoings. Times have changed and public figures including the PPP politicians need to change. -NAZEER ABRO, Hyderabad, via e-mail, August 18.