GAZA CITY (AFP/Reuters) - Schoolgirls in Hamas-run Gaza have been told to wear traditional full-length robes and headscarves in what is being seen as the latest move towards enforcing conservative Islam in the besieged enclave. In numerous girls schools in the Palestinian territory, which reopened their doors on Sunday following the summer recess, students were told they would be sent home if they do not conform with clothing regulations. We invite all schoolgirls to wear the jilbab, a senior official in the Hamas education ministry, Mahmud Abu Hassira, told AFP. The jilbab is a traditional, long, loose-fitting robe worn by women in some Muslim countries. Yet, the movement insists it did not order girls to wear the jilbab but let school principals know they should no longer ask students to wear the old uniform that consisted of a long blue skirt and matching blouse. Hamas government spokesman Taher al-Nunu stressed that the decision to do away with the old uniform was taken in order to alleviate parents financial burden caused by the blockade and the asphyxiating economic situation. Meanwhile, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian on the Israel-Gaza border, Palestinian medical workers said, and two mortar bombs were fired from Gaza Strip at southern Israel. The medical workers identified the dead man as a farmer and said the Israeli army told them to come to the frontier an area Israel has declared off-limits to Palestinians and where militants have planted bombs in the past to pick up his body.