President Zardari has called upon Muslim Ummah at OIC meeting to take a unified stand against the menace of suicide bombing and killings which have resulted in deaths of thousands in Pakistan and other troubled parts of the Islamic world. What he has forgotten is that while these suicide killings constitute an act of terrorism and are against teachings of Quran, so are the target killings, corruption, and crimes of kidnapping for ransom and extortion that plague Pakistan. In fact over 7,400 people have been killed in target killings during past 27 months in Karachi and parts of Balochistan as compared to about 1000 in suicide attacks. While the PPP never tires of claiming to be a democratic liberal party, it functions as a cult, where party leadership has become a family inheritance, as if this is a monarchy or a fief, where power is transferred on hereditary basis only. May I ask in what capacity did Bilawal Zardari etc attend the OIC session? They could have travelled with President as members of first family, but have no right to participate in cabinet meetings or take part in parleys with other nations or important sessions such as OIC meeting, because they do not hold any constitutional public office, nor are they sworn to oath of secrecy. Can the democratically elected President quote one incident where a scion of an established democratic country’s elected constitutional office holder attended a cabinet meeting, or taken part in international forums where only public office holders who have taken an oath take part. This is unheard of in USA, UK, France, Canada, Iran or even in India. We live in a country where the great grand son of the Quaid, 17 year old Sinkander Ali Jinnah, was murdered in Karachi on 9th January 1998 and no FIR was lodged until 2000. No individual or family has rendered more service to Pakistan than Quaid-i-Azam, and if they are not entitled to get justice, nobody else can claim any preferential treatment on hereditary grounds. Why should it be the fate of this country is to be ruled and abused by men like Bilawal, Hamza, Monnis, Musa Gillani, Afzandyar Wali Junior etc, just because of accident of birth, unless each of them earn this privilege.


Lahore, August 22.