WASHINGTON - Former US ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan Ryan Crocker is facing charges of drunk driving and hit-and-run after causing an accident while intoxicated, police said Thursday.  Crocker was cited after colliding with a semi truck at a traffic intersection in Spokane Valley.

“... Mr Crocker turned in front of a semi truck, and they collided in the intersection,” Washington State highway patrol trooper Troy Briggs said, adding: “Mr Crocker spun out, he regained control and fled the scene.”

After driving on for some miles, the ex-diplomat stopped, and was eventually arrested and breathalyzed. He was found to be over the limit for alcohol, he said.

“He was very cooperative, (but) it was obvious that he was intoxicated,” said Briggs, adding that Crocker, a native of Spokane, made an initial appearance in court the following day.