RAWALPINDI – Contrary to the claims of good governance by the Punjab government, facility of MRI and CT Scan machine is not available in Benazir Bhutto General Hospital and Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi.

District Headquarter Hospital has CT Scan machine but the patients have to wait for two to three weeks for CT Scan, due to rush of patients. To avoid delay for having CT Scan and MRI, the patients turn to private laboratories but their charges are much higher as compared to government laboratories.

Due to economic restraints and inaccuracy of the private laboratories, a big number of patients have lost their lives by now. It merits mentioning here that MRI machine worth millions of rupees was installed in Holy Family Hospital in the year 1999 but it got non-functional in a few days.

Sources said the responsibility of the disorder was put on the company, which made the MRI machine and installed it.

There are still two opinions about the matter as the health department of Punjab has directed the Holy Family Hospital that the company, which installed the MRI machine, is not responsible for the disorder.

However, the Chairman Board of Management of Allied Hospitals, Dr Aslam accepts that the company is responsible for MRI machine’s disorder.

According to reliable resources, the Punjab government has ensured the administration of the hospital that a 16-slice CT Scan machine will be installed in Holy Family Hospital, whereas the matter regarding MRI machine still waits to be addressed.