RAWALPINDI - Senior leader of Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) and Ameer Ansar-ul-Umma, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman Khalil has suggested Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan to postpone his plan to take a peace rally to troubled Waziristan and join hand with DPC in the movement to stop NATO supply to Afghanistan.

“Imran Khan should not make haste as the circumstances in volatile Waziristan are not in favour of the country’s political leadership. The continuation of NATO supply is the mother of all the evils facing Pakistan and its tribal belt. Once NATO supply stopped, US will also halt drone attacks and there would also be peace in troubled areas of the country” he added while expressing his views at a forum organised by The Nation and Nawa-i-Waqt here on Friday.

He said that the NATO tankers were not using the route passing through Waziristan rather supplying the luggage to NATO forces battling in Afghanistan via Chaman and other areas. So to take a march to NWA is out of question. All the political parties should come under the flag of DPC to stage sit-in and hold protests on the said routes to close down the NATO ground line, he mentioned.

He said that the political parties and the people along with DPC should surround Parliament House in Islamabad instead of going to NWA as all the important decisions were hammered out there. Commenting on failed terrorist attack on Kamra Air Base, AU Ameer said that DPC also indicated that a new wave of terror would hit the country soon after the resumption of NATO ground route to Afghanistan and it happened with the attack on Kamra. “India is behind the terror attack on Kamra Air Base,” he said, adding that the duo of USA and India never missed a chance to harm the stability of Pakistan.

Urging the government and Pakistan Army for negotiation with the tribal elders and trouble makers in NWA instead of launching military operation, DPC Senior Leader said that operation was not the solution of any problem.

“All the tribe men are our own men. We should sit around the table with them to solve the matter. We should assume the talks again and again if we failed to convince the people of NWA” or the government should task some prominent personalities who were considered trustworthy among the tribal people to hold talks to find some acceptable way.  Replying a query about the presentation of Punjabi Taliban, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman Khalil denied that if Punjabi Taliban existed anywhere in the country. He leashed out Interior Minister Rehman Malik for issuing the contradictory statements in this regard.

However, he admitted that Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has been operating in the country. “The foreign agencies are involved in bloodshed at Lalu Sir, Kagan Valley. USA also wants to make Gilgit-Biltistan a gateway to China by spoiling its peaceful atmosphere and fuelling the sectarianism there” AU Ameer replied in response to another query. He added that the political parties not the Jihadis had destroyed the peace of Karachi.

He said that DPC is out on the roads and in the streets to kick out America from the region and the masses and political parties should join DPC in its movement.