Pakistani troops backed by Amman Lashkar (Peace militia, local pro-government militia), conducted a joint military operation in a tribal town of Bajaur Agency on the Afghan border, killing at least 28 militants, government sources said on Saturday. The operation was launched Saturday noon in Bajwar area, remote village on Afghan border, of Salarzai Tehsil of lawless Bajaur region after a rebel rocket attack, local military official said. Several militants, suspected Taliban, were wounded during operation while 15 other were arrested alive, officials said adding that four to six hideouts of militants were also destroyed. Two member of Amman Laskkar (Peace militia) also sustain injuries in military operation. Pakistani forces launched a massive operation in Bajaur since last August. Military officials said the offensive left more than 1,500 Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants dead and that more than 70 troops were also killed. Security forces had also captured more than 300 foreign militants, mainly from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the military said.