SIALKOT - Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan General Secretary Liaqat Baloch has urged all the opposition parties to be united in shape of a grand alliance to ensure free, fair and transparent general elections in the country.

"Grand alliance against the incumbent rulers for holding impartial general elections will be a noble political service to "politically depressed nation."

Liaqat Baloch stated this while addressing different meetings of the party workers at Rohaila-Sambrial, Pasrur, Sialkot and Daska here on Friday.

He accused that the PPP-led government was not ready and sincere to hold free and fair general elections under the leadership of President Asif Zardari.

He emphasised that the prevailing scenario of the country warranted free and fair elections to restore confidence of the masses and ensure integrity and solidarity of the country.

Liaqat Baloch said that the Jamaat had a Islamic revolutionary manifesto which could offer solution to every problem being confronted by the nation. He stressed that the Pakistan was not a failed state, however, political system of the country had miserably failed due to imprudence and indifference of the incumbent rulers.

He accused that America, Indian and Israel were conspiring against Pakistan to destroy its nuclear power and prove it a failed state. "Their evil designs will never become true as they don't know the gallantry of this nation," he added.

While, talking to the newsmen at Daska here, Liaqat Baloch said that the winds of change were blowing in the country, as the depressed people were ready for change, which had now become evitable for national development and prosperity.

He alleged that the rulers had wasted 65 years in different political experiments in the country which otherwise had badly failed so far.

Addressing the party workers at Rohaila-Sambrial, he said that the country was suffering from great inner and outer dangers. He said that unending crisis had put national integrity and solemnity at stake due to the flopped political, economical, national and foreign policies of the incumbent rulers.

Inaugural ceremony held: The inaugural ceremony of the new campus of a local school system was held here the other day. Speaking on the occasion, the school director said that the school was introducing new and novel trends with balanced fee and quality structure.

The ceremony was held in Sharqi colony. Later, talking to the media, The Intellect School Director Kashif Noor Mirza said that quality education was the right of every child who wants to learn and the institution was providing blessing beyond personal interest through multimedia education which was new and novel in the limits of district Vehari.

Haji Abdul Haye, Dr Sajid Khan, Social analyst Sammar Saleem, Peer Asim, President Vehari Press Club Sheikh Khalid Masood, former general secretary Ch M Ishfaq were also present with other notables during the ceremony. Later on Dr Zain ul Abadin and Mrs Azra Abdul Haye presented a letter of thanks to the Kashif Noor Mirza while representing the parents.