HAFIZABAD: The district police have arrested a resident of Shori Manika namely Talib Hussain who had allegedly murdered his sister, daughter and son-in-law 20 days ago.

According to police source, Shamaila, daughter of the accused, was married to Tariq Hussain, son of Khurasheed who wa ssister of Talib, a few years ago.

Recently, Shamaila developed some differences with her husband and returned to her parent's house in village Shori Manika.

On August 4, deceased Tariq along with his mother Khursheed visited the house of Talib for reconciliation but both Talib and Tariq exchanged hot words. Thereupon, Talib opened fire on them. Resultantly, Tariq, Khursheed and Shamaila were killed on the spot.