LAHORE – The PML-N is not going to accept the proceedings and decisions of the national commission on new provinces in Punjab and would soon take up the matter at a high-level meeting to decide future line of action.

Party sources say after the arrival of PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif from abroad, the party leadership has informally discussed the formation of the commission by the PPP-led federal government, as it aims at only dividing Punjab into more provinces and that too without entertaining the same demand of the people of other provinces and Fata.

The party leadership is not pleased with the way federal government wants to bulldoze the matter on new provinces and believes that the Centre plans to gain political mileage instead of genuinely assessing need of more provinces which would in the long run cause more tension and harm to the country.

Sources say the party wants creation of more federating units also in other provinces and strictly in view of administrative requirements of the people, and not based on language. The Nawaz League, which currently rules Punjab, wants half share of the membership in the parliamentary panel which, however, has not been accepted by the federal government.

Sources also do not rule out the possibility of a resolution on the creation of new provinces in other parts on the country in the upcoming session of the Punjab Assembly.

Talking to this scribe, PML-N General-Secretary Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said his party was totally in support of the new provinces but that must come after looking at all aspects including feasibility, availability of resources and from the point of view of better administration.

“All this, however, is missing in the present move of the federal government.”

He said the PML-N had a clear stance on new provinces that their creation must not come on the basis of language and that only Punjab should not be singled out for more provinces but should be carved out wherever the need of better administration was being felt.

Jhagra said the PML-N had boycotted the commission and naturally would not go by its decision and work out a line of action in the party meeting.

Jhagra said establishment of new provinces was a serious matter, but the PPP government was pushing forward its plan to achieve political ends which would not go to the interest of the country in the longer run.

He said the haste on the part federal government for formation of new provinces was on account of the fact that it had miserably failed to serve the masses in the last four and half years of rule and its tenure was plagued with sheer bad governance.

He said the government wanted to float new provinces another issue which was evident from that fact that it was rushing to the creation on new provinces without proper thinking and home work.

It may be mentioned here that the PML-N had restrained participation of its three legislators in the 16-member bipartisan commission on new provinces which was due to meet on August 28. The PPP-led government has reportedly decided to go without N-representation and if the Opposition party remains out, many questions may hit the proceedings and outcomes of the commission meeting and about the implementation.

PML-N heading for a showdown with PPP on new provinces panel