A NATO air strike in eastern Afghanistan has killed a commander of the Pakistani Taliban, both NATO and the Taliban said on Saturday.

Both sides identified the dead commander as Mullah Dadullah and said several of his comrades were also killed in the attack on Friday.

A NATO statement did not say who carried out the assault but the alliance is alone in having the air power to conduct such an operation. It said Dadullah's deputy, Shakir, was also killed.

"Dadullah, also known as Jamal, was responsible for the movement of fighters and weapons, as well as attacks against Afghan and coalition forces," the statement said.

It said Afghan and coalition forces backing the Kabul government had "conducted a post-strike assessment" and found that there had been no civilian casualties or damage to civilian property.

Pakistani Taliban officials, as well as intelligence officials said Dadullah had been killed in a house in eastern Konar province, along with 12 bodyguards. They said he was the leader of the Taliban in Bajaur tribal agency, near the border with Afghanistan.

Dadullah, in his 40s, replaced Maulvi Faqir Mohammad last year after Mohammad told the media that the Taliban were holding peace talks with the government.

The Pakistani Taliban, committed to the same principles as the Taliban ousted from power in Kabul in 2001, replaced Mohammad with Dadullah to undercut the secret negotiations, Taliban commanders say.

"Mullah Dadullah was staying at a house in Sheegal Darra, along with his 12 bodyguards, when they came under attack. All of them were killed on the spot," said one of the Pakistani Taliban commanders.