BAJAUR AGENCY - Two peace militiamen were killed and five people, including two women, sustained wounds after the Pakistani Taliban based in Afghanistan stormed a village in Salarzai Tehsil of Bajaur Agency, sources said on Friday.

The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed the responsibility for the attack. Several militants were stated to be killed when Salarzai Qaumi Lashkar (peace militia) and the security forces fought off the onslaught.

Officials said:  “More than 100 armed militants attacked a village, Batwar. They took over several houses and started firing at the peace militia posts.”

“The attackers held hostage several residents. Peace volunteers rushed to the site and launched a counterattack,” Jandol Khan, a local, said. He said the security forces backed the volunteers while gunship helicopters pounded militant posts. "The fight lasted for more than 10 hours," he added.

The agency administration did not confirm the death toll of the clash while the sources said two volunteers of the peace militia were killed and five wounded in the fight. The injured were named as Waliat Khan, Zahir Khan, Mujahid Khan, Rabia Bibi and Zalikha. They were shifted to the agency headquarters hospital where the condition of two wounded is stated to be critical.

Claiming the attack, TTP spokesperson Ihsanullah Ihsan said the Taliban carried out the onslaught. "Taliban are responsible for the attack and several volunteers have been taken hostage during the attack,” he told this reporter by phone from an undisclosed location. Ihsan said that such attacks will continue until the people abandon support to the govt. The residents said scores of villagers have migrated to safer place. "We have seen a large numbers of local families leaving their native village and going to the safe spots in the region," the locals said. The cross-border attacks are frequent due to the lawlessness in the border areas of the war-torn country of Afghanistan. Pakistan has, time and again, made complaints to Afghanistan and the US to take notice of such assaults.

On Thursday, Afghan militants attacked an Army checkpoint in Lower Dir. According to sources, the Afghan militants attacked army post in Lower Dir but the forces efficiently repulsed the attack. The fight between the troops and militants was underway till late at night. However, there was no confirmation of causalities from both sides.