LAHORE - The world hit a major transformation phase after the onset of telecommunications revolution. Mobile phones, internet and other forms of communication have blocked most important form of interaction amongst contemporaries. Face-to-face interaction is but a memory to most adolescents. Facebook messaging, texting, Bbm chats and whatsapps have made meaningful social interaction noted by deceptive smileys ( :), :D, :~. These so-called smileys have taken up all the laughter, sadness and content.

When someone is texting his friend, it would be impossible to understand the true meaning of the message. Sure we have phone calls, the tone is evident so as to indicate sarcasm, discontentment or apathy but people also use body language. Some people might tug their ear, wink or use simple hand expressions to explain the gravity of something. When two adults engage in a relationship, they rely on texts, whatsapps and other forms of messaging for their communication. There could be delays, blocks in cellular networks that really set a negative precedent. Most break ups occur over text and many times people who tried to end relationship are unable to truly explain how difficult it was to let go, or how their parents pushed them to it instead the other party feels pain or anger.

In Pakistan, most of our daily forms of interaction are, at least amongst teenagers, electronic gizmos. Adults and the working class still employ face-to-face interactions and often end up better in their dealings. At the same time, texts may be important. They save time, and in many cases, end up being the decisive factor in organising a rendezvous. So despite the deficit of meaningful social interaction, telecommunications revolution is an integral factor in the status quo...

(The writer is a student of Atchison College, Lahore)