SANGLA HILL- Participants of a dialogue held here urged all the political parties to play their role for the continuity of democratic system and resolve the ongoing political crisis.

The dialogue was organised by Anjuman Taraki-e-Niswan (Regd) on the current political situation in the country and was attended by members of more than 28 civil society organisations. The participants vowed to defend democracy and Constitution, demanding that the political parties should play their role to end the crisis so that sustainable democracy could be established in the county. They were of the view that only supremacy of the Constitution and parliament could ensure continuity of democracy. They stressed that the way to remove an elected prime minister was mentioned in the Constitution, urging PTI Chief Imran Khan and PAT Chief Tahirul Qadri to show flexibility and withdraw their unconstitutional demands.

They also urged the government to exhibit tolerance and give heed to the constitutional demands of the protesting parties.