LAHORE – Col (r) M Asif Dar has said that in the recently-held Commonwealth Games at Glasgow, Islands, with a population less than 100,000, were able to win gold medals, whereas Pakistan, with a population of over 18 crores, failed to win a single gold. Talking to The Nation, Dar said: “Our sports and political bosses like Federal Minister Riaz Pirzada, POA chief Lt Gen (r) Arif Hasan, DG PSB Akhtar Gajera and PPP chairperson Bilawal Bhutto appreciated the performance of Pakistani contingent who won three silver medals and one bronze medal. They surely are unaware about the status of a gold medal as the country winning one gold is placed higher than a country which wins even 50 silver medals (or any number) on the medal table,” he added. “Now, Pakistan has been sending 259-member contingent to the Asian Games which will participate in 25 sports. The number will grow to over 300 when joy-riders from ministry, PSB, POA and other such setups will be added to it. In 1954 Asian Games Manila, 7-year-old Pakistan participated in the Asian Games for the first time with a contingent of 46 sports persons. They succeeded in winning five gold, six silver and two bronze medals.” “Will Riaz Pirzada, Arif Hasan, Akhtar Gajera, Bilawal Bhutto and youth festival fame Rana Mashood can assure us how many gold medals, they expect from over 300 sports person of 68-year-old Pakistan,” Dar questioned. The nation also needs a justification of sending such a high-contingent of joy-riders when people in Pakistan are dying due to hunger and committing suicide to end their miseries.–Staff Reporter