As if the present ‘hallah gullah’ by PAT and PTI at D-Chowk Islamabad was not enough, the legal fraternity, which ought to help litigating public, provide legal guidance and render help to clients, has entered into a highly polarised and emotionally overcharged political drama. The parties in play, the rulers and their opponents seem to be oblivious to the suffering of the citizens who are passing sleepless nights with worry. The lawyers have boycotted courts on the pretext to express their support to democracy, putting thousands, whose cases were fixed for hearing in physical and mental tortures in addition to financial losses only to get another date of hearing.

Their strike has resulted in huge delays and piling up of cases but nobody seems to care. One wonders as to why the legal community, time and again, resorts to boycotting courts, even for their own mission or commission when other sophisticated measures to support their cause are available? Do lawyers have any grievance against the judiciary or litigating public? While lawyers condemn protests and sit-in by political parties, on the ground that these cause inconvenience to the public, they add to their plight by their own careless actions.


Islamabad, August 21.