With the political showdown in the capital, activities in other parts of the country seem to have come to rest, at least that is what media has been portraying. The marathon coverage of the sit-in by PTI and PAT, along with their workers has shifted the focus from IDP’s. Since the launch of the operation Zarb-e-Azab, the media had been trying to shed light on various aspects of the change that this operation has brought to our society. The plight of IDP’s, highlighted by the media; lead to help being provided to them not only by the government. Unfortunately, the imbalanced coverage of sit-in by the political parties has diverted the attention from many such important issues.

With the onset of Azadi and Inqilab march, many important issues such as the recent destruction, brought on by the rains, and energy crisis have been overshadowed. Apart from the air time dedicated to these marches, media channels are at each other’s throats due to evident political partisanship. In past few years, we have observed media playing an important and decisive role in many issues of social and national interest. The media must not forget the role it is expected to play, and must come up with a mature and sensible outlook in these testing times. That’s exactly what Pakistan needs; every institution playing its own role diligently and honestly.


Islamabad, August 18.