The country’s two major reservoirs Tarbela and Mangla are full, due to the recent rains. The Indus River System Authority (IRSA) has advised WAPDA to fill Tarbela Dam, to take maximum advantage of the improved flow. The flow in the Indus at Tarbela Dam was recorded at 248,000 cusecs against discharge of 210,000 cusecs, to meet full indent of the province for irrigation. Pakistan’s agriculture is dependent on irrigation, through water stored in dams, and in order to derive maximum benefit, dams need to be fully functional. Every year the water available is stored to capacity and only in flood years, is excessive water released. Pakistan urgently needs more dams and more reservoirs to be able to deal with electricity and water shortages. We are blessed with adequate monsoons every year and should take full advantage of them by building our infrastructure.


Lahore, August 18.