Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) is processing projects based on various technologies/fuels with cumulative capacity of 7550-8050 MW to facilitate foreign investment of US$ 10.528 to 11.028 billion.

The present government of Pakistan Muslim League (N), realizing the energy needs, also planned several power generation projects and started some hydropower projects which are under various stages of implementation.

According to Water and Power Division here on Monday, the major amongst them was Tarbela 4th extension project and has capacity of 1410 MW. The project, commenced on October 28, 2013 is completed 34.77 per cent.

The other project was Dasul-IPP (Stage-I) with capacity of 2160 MW and was started on June 25, 2014. The current status of the project is that preparatory works is in progress while and pre-qualification of bidder for main works is in process.

Additional Power after Rehabilitation of Mangla, having capacity of 310 MW was another project. Contracts have been approved for two packages while bidding for other packages is in progress.

Another project was Kurram Tangi (Stage-I Kaitu Weir Irrigation & Power Component) with capacity of 18.9 MW. The project was commenced after 48 months of award of contract with current status that evaluation of bids is in process.

Keyal Khwar Hydropower Project with capacity of 128 MW was also commenced in March 2015. Contract for civil works has been awarded and re-bidding for E&M works is under process.

The present government also commenced Harpo Hydropower project with capacity of 34.5 MW in April 2015 as final proposal has been opened and combined evaluation of Technical & Financial proposal is in process. Another project was two 660 MW each Coal Fired Power Generation Project, Jamshoro. The project implementation on Consultant has been mobilized.

The draft bidding documents for EPC has been prepared and are under review.

The GENCO-II 747 MW (Gross) Combined Cycle Power Project was also commissioned during last year.

In private sector, Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) is processing some projects which are at various stages of processing and development and are expected to achieve commercial operations by 2017-2023.

As per details, Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) is pursuing development of Renewable Energy (RE) based power projects through private sector as nine (9) wind power projects of 477 MW capacity have achieved financial closing and are under construction.

Several solar and biomass based power generation projects have been launched by the present government. The 100 MW solar project has completed construction whereas three 100 MW each solar power projects by M/s Zonergy (China) are under construction.

Two bagasse based power projects of 52.7 MW with cumulative capacity are in operation.