The assistant moharar of Warburton Police molested a juvenile offender, arrested on charges of cellphone snatching, in the lock-up the other night.

Rai Mohsin Ali Kharal, Assistant Moharar at Warburton police station and a resident of Syed Wala, abused the 15-year-old boy inside the police station after midnight.

Mr Kharal went inside the lock-up after midnight where he abused the boy. Warburton Police SHO Ejaz Sheikh woke up to the cries raised by the juvenile. The officer rushed to the scene and got free the boy from the clutches of the assistant moharar.

He rebuked Mr Kharal for being cruel and immediately registered a case against him.

Ejaz Sh also informed the DPO Nankana Sahib who reached the Warburton police station forthwith.

DPO Shahzada Sultan vowed that stern action would be taken against the assistant moharar. He said that an inquiry would also be carried out against the SHO and other staff on duty for negligence that resulted in cruel incident inside police station.

Incensed at the inhuman act by a police official, scores of people gathered outside the police station and staged a protest against bad faith and discreditable character of police. They questioned where people should go when protectors became abusers? They demanded the Punjab chief minister to take notice of the incident and ensure exemplary punishment to the culprit.