Depression! The state that gives you blues in daily life.

A few days ago I was tangled in this web of catastrophe. In the situation of gloom I kept asking myself some irregular questions. What is this? Why is it me? Why do I have to face the worst of life? Each moment in this situation was a throwback to me – but after every storm there is sunshine. And I am grateful that I managed to release myself from this mind eating beast in the blink of an eye.

Depression is a quicksand that engulfs you to its depths no matter how strong your nerves are. A momentary slip into it, and it will shred your energies, hope, enthusiasm and dreams to pieces. This is the moment where a paladin is at the mercy of the sympathies from others.

Many individuals nowadays are suffering from this dilemma. This has become a nationwide problem. Elders as well as youngsters can be seen with long faces unable to grapple this tough time.

As time is passing by, depression is increasing among teenagers who are considered the young blood of the nation. There are certain variables that are causing a sense of aimlessness in them like lack of hardship, lack of courage to face the facts of life, increasing competition and, above all, spending time in establishing relationships with opposite sex.

Surprisingly, people have to surrender themselves to depression because of the fact that they cannot or, should I say, they don’t want to face the hardship, holding their hands between the knees and looking for a stranger to help eradicate their miseries.

Other than these, there are some others factors that pose a handicap in the fulfillment of the dreams of teenagers and lead them to depression. Our elders have done a great deal of work in their teenage life for example walking three miles of distance to school to get education, climbing up a tree, and playing “kabbaddi”. These stories are narrated to us in such a manner that kills the morale rather than being helpful, accompanied by such downgrading sentences as “you are soft toys of this era, it takes guts to do such work”. Can anyone tell me why we should climb a tree? Or walk a great distance to school when we have cars?

It is a bittersweet reality, and parents nowadays are doing no good to help their children come out of this state of affairs. Parents curse their child for not scoring good grades in studies, indeed every child is a blessing and every child is born with different and unique sets of abilities. Forcing children in studies will do no good, and it will cloud the hidden talent concealed within.

 Blaming just the mind set of our elders is not enough. Teenagers today are equally responsible for shaking hands with depression.

 It is a fact that the economic condition of all countries is becoming more and more challenging. Young professionals are losing hope of making a better living in such cut-throat competition. Thinking they cannot do better than they are doing puts a full stop to their efforts resulting in a stagnant career.

Moreover, teenage individuals in depression suffer from aimlessness: they are unable to realize their self-potential and interest, ending up in the selection of wrong professional fields not knowing how to employ their skills at best, affecting their mental states.

No matter how big a problem is, there still lie alternatives helpful in overcoming a problem like depression. Where parents think that they have a dull child and he/she is unable to manage him/herself they should reflect back on the time they have given to their children rather than referring to a psychiatrist.

All five fingers are not equal, neither is the talent in every human being. Some people are good at math, some have extra ordinary painting skills, and some are good at playing musical instruments.  In spite of looking down upon your talent, depression can be eradicated by hard work that is the key to success allowing us to polish the natural skills and can make us attain mastery in every discipline.