LAHORE – The honorable Lahore High Court has referred the case of Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF) elections, maneuvered by Syed Azhar Ali Shah through impugned communications dated 08-09-2015, to Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) president Lt Gen (R) Syed Arif Hasan. Earlier, Kokab Nadeem Warraich and Syed Azhar Ali Shah were as unopposed president and secretary of the PCF at its general council meeting in Islamabad Monday. All the affiliated units of the national cycling federation had been elected office bearers for a fresh term of four years. Javed Khan was elected finance secretary, Major Rizwan Bashir as SVP, Lt Col (R) Saad Ibne Hassan, M Haroon, Nisar Ahmed and Moazzam Khan as VPs, Senator Rubina Khalid female VP, Shahzada Butt, Jane Alam and Ishtiaq Mubeen associate secretaries, Ayesha Zaman and Nargis Parveen female associate secretaries.