A: Finally there is some positive news about Balcohistan. The army and the provincial government have apparently ‘taken guns from the youth of the province and given them pens’. They think that they by this, they are taking the province out of the mayhem and chaos. Maybe this might actually work.

S: Are you kidding me? They really think that by giving them a few sprinkles of ‘development’, they would somehow become enlightened all of a sudden? What rubbish. Its all a smokescreen.

A: Maybe they are actually making an effort this time. They say that they have increased their educational budget by up to 24 per cent to provide maximum educational facilities to the youth of the province and bring them on a par with other provinces of the country. The number of government schools in the province has also increased to 13,000. I think it is indeed a step in the right direction.

S: It might be in the right direction, but I no way would this ever make up for what the army and the government its self has made them go through. Do you really think the ‘backwardness’ of the province, will go away through them making a few schools? Do you think they will actually forgive the government for every kidnapping, for every oppression and every single mineral resource that was snatched away from them? Ha! What wishful thinking. And what an easy way to repent themselves of all they have done.

A: True, that this will never make up for anything, but maybe, just maybe, they finally realize their mistakes? Seperatists are putting down their weapons and many are saying that they want to be part of a prosperous Pakistan. Who knows? Maybe one day we will see Balochistan having the greatest literacy and economic rate, compared to all the provinces. One can dream.