Additional Secretary (Schools) Riaz Ahmad visited Govt Model High School and Govt Girls Elementary School Warburton and inspected its computer lab, science lab and classrooms and showed dissatisfaction over various educational affairs.

The secretary showed dissatisfaction over the non functionality of CCTV cameras installed by the district administration at Govt Model High School and asked Principal Javed Ashraf to report to the high ups for their repair.

He asked various questions on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English from the students, and shared his knowledge with them. He said that quality education was being given to the students. He examined the security measures in place in the school for the safety of the students and the staff like metal detector, installation of razor wire on boundary wall and CCTV cameras.

At Govt Girls Elementary School Warburton, he asked the administration to assure discipline class rooms. Then, Additional Secretary (Schools) Riaz Ahmad Shad and Zubair Ahmad Ejaz DMO left Nankana Sahib for a planned meeting at Govt Guru Nanakn High School with Executive District Officer (Education), district education officers, deputy district education officers, assistant education officers and district teacher educators.

He emphasised making maximum efforts for quality education especially in primary schools through the execution of Literacy Numeracy and Quality Drives vision of the Punjab chief minister.

He said, “We should improve the retention rate of students, better the quality of education and subsequently give practically excellent results. He asked the stakeholders to visit the primary schools for implementation of the model with its true letter and spirit. I shall pay a visit after two months and to see the achievement of zero defect objects and features discussed there.”

Executive District (Education) Iftikhar Hassan Butt, DEO (SE) M Sadiq, DEO (EE) Javed Iqbal and DMO Nankana Sahib Zubair Ahmad thanked him for visiting the district.