Are you a Lahori?

Are you hungry?

Want to eat something but can’t decide what?

Time to grab your cell phone now and browse through Foodible, an app that would help you choose delicious food!

Now restaurants, cafés and other eatables will be at your fingertips. 

Foodible is a smartphone application (app) with a database of the restaurants in Lahore. It also helps you discover restaurants nearby and shows the route to travel to the restaurants through the in-app map navigation. The app also lists all information about a restaurant, like web address, contact number, Facebook page and restaurant pictures. In short, the app is like IMDB for eateries with a user friendly playful interface and humorous content.

This app provides the user a sneak peek at the restaurant/café across Lahore which lets you take a peek at the ambiance before you decide to go for a bite.

People usually commenting on food even at home, so why miss an opportunity to do so when dining out? One can easily rate the food you took and it would help others when they use the app in choosing the restaurant to go eat at.

Sometimes one finds it difficult to find their way to an eatery that they wish to go to, or you may be bad at navigating your way through Lahore, that should not be a cause to worry about! The app has directional maps to every listed restaurant to guide you to your destination. It’s a very user-friendly app making it easy to use by people of all age groups.

Foodible the food lovers app is the brain child of Abu Turab Asim from Forman Christian College and Qasim Aslam from LUMS Lahore; while Alizeh Umair is the app’s Social Media Manager, Ahmad Ali looks after Marketing and Sales, Nisma Shakeel oversees the HR while the PR side is Noor Ul Ain Basit responsibility.

Abu Turab while speaking to The Nation talked about how this idea dawned upon them, “One day we friends were sitting and thinking what to eat, everyone wanted to have a different food item, and even after an hour of ideation we could not decide where to go eat. That is when we thought that (if there were a way) we could make a forum where all the restaurants, rates, menus and street addresses were available, this would save people time in the guess game.”

Abu Turab on the why of this app said: “Our aim in making this app is to resolve the selection issue that families and friends face when they wish to fill their tummies. The app rating the listed restaurant, also gives the cost of the dishes. (We hope) it will help the users of the app to decide where and what they want to eat.” 

He said the maps and directions which are a part of the app helps not only the local Lahoris, but, “People from different cities come to Lahore also. They can easily find their way to the satery of their choice. It would guide the user on how far you would have to go.”

Currently the app has the data of for Lahore only, however depending on the use and user response is good then the app will expand its database entries to include Karachi and Islamabad also for which Foodible teams will be sent to collect the data for.

If you are a foodie, enjoy good then this is a must have app in your cell phones. The app caters for both Androids and iOS phones seamlessly, for those who wish to download the app just type-in the app id:

Happy finding and eating!