PESHAWAR - Consequent upon the revision of basic pay scales of the employees of provincial government, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Department has decided to revise the rates of subscription towards General Provident Fund as per direction of Government of Pakistan Finance Division (Regulation Wing).

According to details, minimum rates of subscription (on mean) for BPS-1 will be 3 per cent, BPS-2 to 11 will be 5 per cent and BPS- 12 to 22 will be 8 per cent. For scale B-1 the rate of monthly subscription will be Rs 337, B-2 Rs 596, B-3 Rs 646, B-4 Rs 692, B-5 Rs 745, B-6 Rs 798, B-7 Rs 844, B-8 Rs 897, B-9 Rs 951, B-10 Rs 1012, B-11 Rs 1081, B-12 Rs 1851, B-13 Rs 2010, B-14 Rs 2194, B-15 Rs 2425, B-16 Rs 2806, B-17 Rs 3579, B-18 Rs 4471, B-19 Rs 5998, B-20 Rs 6693, B-21 Rs 7426 and B-22 Rs 8210.

The deduction from the pay of employee on the basic of new rates shall be made in August, to be paid on 1st September, 2016, says a notification. There shall be no option to postpone subscription to the above fund either during leave (except extraordinary leave without pay) or during the training period.

It was announced in a circular issued by Finance Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.