Indeed, the role of the rule of law in a civilised and democratic society is a known fact. But the question is: Is our Pakistani society really free, civilised and democratic? If so, then, what in the country is happening with the rule of law? 

Because what we see, experience and hear in this country, it is not the rule of laws but of men. Even the conditions in this country for the maintenance of the rule of law do not sound conducive. In Pakistan today, , be it among the rulers in the Federal Capital, Islamabad, or among the rulers in the provincial capitals, even among the people of this country, the desired will is not found to strive towards the attainment of respect for the rule of law. 

Like many other humble students of Political Science and Law, I have read in the authentic political science and law books, research papers, among others, that respect for the rule of law ultimately requires a respect for international legal standards, especially the respect for human rights standards. 

Had there been an iota of respect for the rule of law in in this country, the proverbial “dead woods” would not have been repeatedly hired for a contractual employment in various public sector organisations who enjoy pension, salary and other benefits simultaneously, but are not hiring “fully qualified” people, many of them unemployed and planning to quit this country. 


Islamabad, August 16.