“For us democracy is a question of human dignity. And human dignity is political freedom.”

– OlofPalme – 1927-1986

In modern times, the sanctity of human life is preserved in political freedom. Gone are the days when the masses were part of empires, subservient to despotic and autocratic rulers. In those times, people were subjects and the law of the state put the rebels to punishments so barbarous that fear presided in every heart. With the introduction of democracy, men gained the courage to scrutinise state policies. A new-found concept of dignity emerged with the shaping of state institutions in a manner in which they respected the will of the people. Human dignity lies in expressing one’s will in matters of the state one resides in. In a democracy, electoral choice and universal suffrage extend political freedom to an individual so that he/she can maintain their political view. Today, the concept of democracy is central to human existence. Governments who recognise its importance, take every measure they can to nourish democratic frameworks. People are no longer aloof of their rights over state governance. In fact, in the very recent past, we have seen how political furore was created in Middle Eastern countries over the repressive rule of autocratic leaders. The 2011 Arab Spring left us all a message; “Political freedom is our first right and we all deserve it.”