Terrorism is the most dangerous threat faced by Pakistan. It has damaged not merely the economy, political stability and the social sectors of the country but also national security and integrity.

The leading cause for this is illiteracy. Injustice is also another cause for terrorism. People are suffering from numerous social injustices including, but not limited to, lack of basic health facilities, restricted access to quality education, and the elite's supremacy in our political system. There are many examples in history where poor people have rebelled and even resorted to violence to gain their rights. Consequently, poverty is also a major cause for terrorism.

Pakistan's participation in the interminable Afghan War has also overwhelmed the country with terrorism. Pakistan is also still troubled from the diseases it acquired during the Soviet-Afghan war.

Lastly; given our long-standing participation in external wars, Pakistan’s crippling economy has propelled terrorism forward. A fluctuating economy has increased inflation, poverty and unemployment.

Whatever led to terrorism, the government of Pakistan finds itself ill-fated to improve law and order in the country. Pak Army has taken actions against terrorism through different operations like Zarb-e-Azab. But if we want to win the fight against terrorism then we should eradicate these causes also.


Rawalpindi, August 16.