BAJAUR AGENCY - The authorities in Bajaur Agency have removed two senior officials of levies force from their posts for disobeying rules and regulations. An official of the political administration in Khar told journalists that Subedar Gul Zar Khan and Subedar Abdul Satar who had been serving as quartermaster, the main positions at levies force since 2014 have been removed from their posts.

According to the official, both the levies officers were removed from their posts over the directives of Political Agent Amir Khattak, the Commandant of Bajaur Levies force after receiving public complaints against the said officials. However, the official told that both the officers would continue their duty at Levies force as they were not suspended or terminated.

The official disclosed that some serious allegations and complaints from the local people were the main cause of the removal of Levies officials from the key posts. He added that the administration had issued a number of warnings to the officials to improve their performances.

Responding to a question, the official disclosed that all the incentives and facilities of them were including officials vehicles, guards, monthly allowances and residence at the political compound in Khar have been taken from them.

The official told the administration is planning to take action against the corrupt and dishonest officials of levies force to improve the trust of local people.