In his latest vlog, Ali Noor, lead vocalist of Noori band, was seen jamming on a guitar with his 8-year old daughter, Sanjana.

Ali Noor spoke that Sanjana had been learning to play guitar. She could compose music, write songs and develop her ideas at a much younger age than he could.

He added: "When I started singing, I would usually come up with gibberish. It didn’t even make any sense. But the stuff that Sanjana composes and sings makes a lot of sense. Her lyrics are not devoid of meaning like mine were when I was 16."

In the video, Sanjana is seen enthusiastically cutting off her father and adding that lyrics used to pop in her head when she was as young as two years old.

Ali added that he believed Sanjana’s talent had genetic roots. Musical prowess runs in the family.

Ali Noor and his brother Ali Hamza are both singers in the same band, which is quite famous, called Noori. Their mother, Madam Noor Zehra Kazim, is the only known player of Sagar Veena in the World, an instrument invented by her father, Raza Kazim.

Ali is hopeful for Sanjana’s future as a musician.