DHAKA - A women's dormitory at Bangladesh's most prestigious university said Thursday it has dropped a ban on students wearing what it called "indecent" clothing after an uproar.

A notice posted at Dhaka University's Kobi Sufiya Kamal Hall barred its 2,300 residents from wearing such clothes including t-shirts, threatening disciplinary action against anyone who disobeyed. A photo of the order went viral on social media, with many accusing authorities of "Talibanising" the dormitory.

"Do we have to change our clothing every time we go to the dining room for lunch or dinner?" said one student at the dormitory, who asked not to be named. "I am not sure whether I should study or keep changing clothes three times a day." Dhaka University is Muslim-majority Bangladesh's largest secular bastion. The head of the dormitory said she had not issued the order, which did not reflect its policies. "We are very embarrassed seeing the distorted notice," Sabita Rezwana Rahman told AFP. She said a new notice had been put up saying only that students should wear appropriate dress to enter the dormitory office.