MIRPURKHAS - Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Mirpurkhas Chairman Barkat Ali Haidery on Thursday announced the results of annual examinations (2017) of higher secondary certificate (part-ii) (class XII).

In pre-engineering group, Sanskar s/o Sham Sunder, seat no 34411 of Super Tech Public Higher Secondary School Samaro secured 1st position by obtaining 941 marks; with 85.54 percentage.

Nawab Ahmed Raza s/o Farman Ali, seat no 35438, of Government Higher Secondary School Nabisar Sahar stood 2nd by getting 940 marks; with 84.45 percentage.

Muhammad Haris s/o Muhammad Jamil, seat no 30790 of SAL Government Science College Mirpurkhas stood third by securing 937 marks; with 84.18 percentage.

Total 7647 male and female candidates were to appear in the exams, of whom 7636 appeared.

308 candidates received A-1 grade, 1,300 grade A, 1,774 grade B, 1,784 grade C, 558 grade D and 2 grade E. 1682 candidates failed while the successful candidates’ percentage remained 74.98.

According to pre-medical results, Dua-e-Noor d/o Dr Zaheer Hussain Shaikh, seat no 40407 of Collegiate Intermediate College Mirpurkhas, got 1st position by getting 945 marks; showing 85.90 percentage.

Hamna Ameen d/o Dr Muhammad Ameen, seat no 39558, of Little Folks Higher/Secondary School Mirpurkhas stood 2nd by obtaining 943 marks; showing 85.72 percentage, while Attaullah s/o Wahid Dino, seat no 43643 of Bright Future Higher/Secondary Public School Umerkot also got 2nd position by getting 943 marks; showing 85.72 percentage. Payal Kumari d/o Vikram Kumar, seat no 39987, of Ibne Rushd Government Girls College Mirpurkhas, secured 3rd position by obtaining 942 marks; showing 85.63 percentage.

Total 12435 male and female students had been enrolled, of whom total 12414 students appeared.

728 candidates got A-1 grade, while 1,887 grade A, 3259 grade B, 3310 grade C, 553 grade D and 2457 male and female candidates failed in the exams.

The percentage of successful candidates remained 78.43.

According to the results of Humanities Group,

Muhammad Huzaifa s/o Abdul Razzaq, seat no 52508 of Government Comprehensive Higher Secondary School Mirpurkhas, secured 1st position by getting 837 marks; showing 76.09 percentage.

Maham d/o Muhammad Rafique, seat no 52643, of Ibne Rushd Government Girls’ College Mirpurkhas, secured 2nd position by getting 836 marks; showing 76 percentage, while Afia d/o Ayoob, seat no 52617, also of Ibne Rushd Government Girls College Mirpurkhas, got 3rd position by obtaining 835 marks; showing 75.90 percentage.

Total 3062 male and female candidates had been enrolled of whom total 3056 appeared.  50 candidates received A grade, 486 grade B, 1486 grade C, 541 grade D and 6 grade E. About 400 candidates failed to pass the exams.

Total percentage of successful candidates whole remained 84.06 percentages.

According to result of science general group, total 177 enrolled and appeared 177 in the exam. 3 passed in grade A, 33 candidates in grade B, 49 in grade C, 17 in grade D succeeded while 74 candidates were failed . Percentage of successful candidates whole remained 57.62 percent.

According to result of commerce group,

Nimra Khalid d/o Khalid mehmood seat no 57036 of Little folks H/secondary school Mirpurkhas stood 1st position by obtaining 872 marks with 79.27 percentage.

Fazila d/o Hyder seat no 57038 of Ibne Rushd government girls college Mirpurkhas get 2nd position by acquiring 844 marks with 76.72 percentage.

Muqadas d/o Sajjad Ahmed Bhurgari seat no 57035 of Little folks H/secondary school Mirpurkhas get 3rd position by gaining 834 marks with 75.81 percentage.

Total 306 male and female candidates enrolled and 305 were appeared in the exam. 11 candidates in grade A, 46 in grade B, 92 in grade C and 38 in grade D succeeded. 112 candidates were failed while percentage of successful candidates remained whole as 61.31 percentages.

According to oriental group result,

Total 25 candidates were enrolled and 4 in grade B, 11 in grade C, 1 in grade D succeeded and 5 candidates were failed. Percentage of successful candidates whole as remained 64 percent.