KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chief Engr Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman has said that the K-Electric’s apathy claimed another innocent life but the company’s management and the authorities concerned are still avoiding to pay heed.

He said this on Thursday after leading a funeral prayer of a child electrocuted at Alamgir Society, Model Colony. The child received a fatal electric shock from an electric poll in the area, despite the fact that repeated complaints had been made to KE for two days in connection with the faulty poll.

Speaking on the occasion, the JI Karachi chief warned that the Model Colony police station will be besieged, if the police failed to register a case against KE Chairman Waqar Hussain Siddiqui and KE Chief Executive Office Tayyab Tareen for killing the 8-year-old Azhan Khaleeq Siddiqui.  

He said that the KE’s management is directly responsible for the ruthless murder of the child. He said that the JI would not let the company go Scott free and the KE’s management will have to pay for their crimes.

He warned the government that the rulers would be responsible for the situations, if it failed to take action against all those KE officials who are directly responsible for the murder of the child. He vowed that the JI would continue to struggle against the misdeeds of the KE management.      

He said that the KE’s management had already been minting billions of rupees through bogus billings, excessive tariff, bogus fuel adjustment, double bank charges, excessive charges in the name of extra employees and now it has started killing innocent citizens just for the sake of saving few hundred or thousand rupees that the maintenance work cost.

He further said that instead of any betterment, the KE showed even worst performance as compare to the then KESC before its privatization. He added that the JI management remained fail to fulfill the conditions of its privatization.

He was of the view that the trio of the KE, Nepra and the government has become a course for the citizens of Karachi.

The 8-year-old boy was the nephew of JI deputy chief of district east Taufeeq-ud-Din Siddique. A large number of area residents along with the family members of the child also attended the funeral prayers.

Meanwhile, the family members along with JI leader Younous Barai submitted a report to the Model Colony police station against KE’s chairman and the CEO.