islamabad - The two boys who had gone missing from in sector G-6 of the capital on Wednesday afternoon have been located at the house of one of their relatives in Lahore, said the family members.

Both Danish Ijaz, son of Ijaz Ahmed and his real uncle Muzammil Inayat, son of Muhammad Inayat had gone missing from near house# 376, street 86 of sector G-6/1-4 when the family sent them to a nearby market to get ‘Rotis’. The police remained clueless about the whereabouts of the boys for more than 28 hours and later it transpired that both went to Lahore to ‘purchase’ sacrificial goats, without informing their families.

According to the Investigation officer of the case Muhammad Ahmed, the families had not pointed the finger towards anybody for their missing children. However, he said that Danish’s mother and Muzammil’s elder sister had feared that Muzammil might have taken away his nephew, Danish to Lahore for a trip. “I fear that my brother Muzammil has taken my son to Lahore. I cannot give the guarantee of my brother,” the police officer had quoted Danish’s mother as having told the police as the police interrogated the family members earlier in the day.

The police officers had also expressed possibility that as both the families are from Sheikhupura and have their relatives in Lahore as well so it is quite possible that both the boys had decided to go to Lahore. The boys had not reached any of their relatives in Lahore until noon, the police officer said.

The family had also alerted their relatives in Lahore about the missing children, said the police. According to the police officer, footage of a camera installed by a shopkeeper showed both the boys going up to the ‘Tandoor’ and returning back with Rotis’. He said the camera recorded both the boys until hardly one minute away from their house but both the boys did not reach home which was quite perplexing for the investigators, as no one around heard any noise suggesting the boys were picked forcibly.

Ali Raza, brother of Danish confirmed to The Nation that both the boys have been located in Lahore. “My father and uncle are accompanying Danish to Islamabad at the moment while Muzammil is still in Lahore,” he said. Furthermore, a young man shot dead his uncle over a family dispute in the limits of Lohi Bher police station.

According to the details, Talib Hussain, a former Navy officer was shot dead by his nephew as the former declined a marriage proposal to the accused. The accused fled the scene and the police teams are raiding at different points to arrest him, said the police.